What is Universal Energy (UE)? 

Universal Energy is not new; it has existed for as long as mankind has been existed and beyond. For centuries, different cultures have various understanding and approaches to harness energy for harmonizing and balancing the human being with nature. Different aspects of UE could be found in the I-Ching, Taoist text, Buddhist scripture, the Bible, the Kabbalah, etc. In modern time, a new way to understand and utilize Universal Energy is through the unification of spirituality and science.
In spiritual term, Universal Energy is the Energy of the Creator. It is the energy that created life and the Universe. It originates from Nothingness to Oneness and to Yin and Yang. UE is the most subtle energy found in all the living creatures.  Since human beings, animals, plants, and microorganisms are part of the living creatures, they all need Universal Energy.

In scientific term, Universal Energy is the creative force of life that interconnects all the dimensions of the Universe. UE travels faster than light and it is beyond space and time.  Therefore, it cannot be measure by any physical mean. One can only experience UE through applying the UE method and see the result of UE applications in daily practice.

How Does Universal Energy Work In Human ?

The HUEnergy™ method is a new 21st century technique that establishes the resonance of human energy with the Creative Force of the Universe, the Infinite Energy we are all part of.
This enables the human brain waves to reach symmetry, calmness, and focus; thus able to receive UE for oneself and transmit UE to humans, plants, animals, and water, etc. for balance and harmony. In the process of harnessing and transferring UE, one may attain wellness and balance of both the spiritual and physical beings. The self-healing ability of the body is enhanced; at the same time, the philanthropic consciousness is also developing.

In summary, the benefits of Universal Energy application to human beings include:

• Develop the brain’s potential
• Enhance the brain’s functions
• Strengthen the nervous system
• Balance the endocrine system
• Restore & enhance self-healing ability
• Improve immunity
• Relaxation & stress reduction
• Establish the calmness of the mind
• Improve concentration & focus
• Release mental & emotional stress
• Develop self-awareness and higher consciousness
• Awaken to divinity and universal truth
• Unfold the latent abilities of human beings
• Unify the body, mind, and spirit

Why Do We Need Universal Energy?

Life is vibration of energies inter-working with each other. Illness is caused by irregular energy vibrations, which may be on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. Modern people are living in a society with many irregularity of energies at various level, including:

• Spiritual emptiness, confusion of life direction, or lack of fulfillment/purpose in life.
• Mental and emotional stress such as fear, worry, anxiety, and anger, etc. (eg. losing job, high debt, conflicts, poverty, war, etc.)
• Pressure from busy schedule, work, traffic, etc.
• Pollution in the air, water, food, & the environment,
• Bombardment from TV/PC/Cell phone radiations, microwaves, high voltage electrical current, etc.

As a result from different irregularity of energy vibrations internally and externally, the human being is in a constant stage of disorder and imbalance. As a result, the self-healing ability is affected and many health problems surfaced.  Therefore, restoring balance and harmony of energy vibrations to oneself and the environment is essential to human life. When humans live with energy balance, the self-healing ability will work to preserve and restore health, then peace, harmony, and happiness will follow. And, the ability to love, care, share, and other positive human qualities may unfold. Collectively, the society may also restore in order and harmony.