Since late 1980’s, the application of Universal Energy has been taught in many countries around the world, offering soul-body unification and higher consciousness to unlock and develop human potentials through the integration of spirituality and science.  In the early years, much of the learning came from practice, then derive the theory from the actual results of practice and experiment.

Through years of practice, study, research, and integration, Dr. Huesan B. Tran has developed the HUEnergy™ model to provide a holistic understanding of Infinite Energy of the Universe in relation to all aspects of energy healing for cultivating a higher awareness of the human energy system and providing answers and solutions for humanity’s ageless and timeless issues and deadlocks.

Dr. Tran has learned through the school of hard knocks to simplified and refine the concepts and theory for the non-scientific minded to understand; so that all can benefit from the Infinit Energy of the Universe to create a better life.  The HUEnergy™ model integrates concepts of energy healing across disciplines and provides a platform for different energy healing modalities to collaborate and contribute to the total well being of humanity.

The mission of HUEnergy™ model and method is to cultivate both self-awareness and collective consciousness of our divine essense, purpose and mission, and how both the spiritual and physical aspects of life are One.  The purpose is to bring Light, Love, and Divine Consciousenss for humanity to attain Wisdom & Enlightenment and to live a life of joy, peace and abundance.  This is made possible through insights of reconnecting the Human Energy System with the Infinite Energy of the Universe.

  • The HUEnergy™ model is dedicated to the evolution of humanity for the purpose of attaining Divine Union, the Unity of Human and God, to be One with the Universe.
  • The objective is to promote spiritual and scientific understanding for integrating the spiritual and physical worlds as One, and to apply Human & Universal Energy for wealth creation, economic development, and all aspects of life improvement.
  • The goal is to cultivate self-awareness and collective consciousness of love, compassion, and divinity to reach wisdom and enlightenment, as well as unfolding latent human potentials to fulfill higher purpose and mission.
  • The mission is to relief humanity from the sufferings of the Cycle of Birth, Aging, Sickness, and Death.
  • The vision is to create New Paradise on Earth with the abundance from Infinite Energy, the Energy of Creator, to bring peace and prosperity and live a life of joy, harmony, and fulfillment.

Dr. Huesan B. Tran‘s mission is integrating spirituality in science, business, finance & economics to cultivate higher consciousness and spiritual development in all aspects of life.  She has discovered the Meridian Of God™ through the research and application of Universal Energy and Eastern medical philosophy, which was the thesis of her doctorate dissertation.  She has founded the New Paradise Academy for the teaching, application, research, and study of HUEnergy™ model and method and to foster collaboration/exchange globally for the betterment of humanity.

Her wish is to awaken humanity to the divine source within oneself to attain self-mastery to live a life of freedom, independence, and abundance as our Creator intented.  So, you and billions of enlightened beings can be fulfilling your soul purpose and divine mission by living your “true-self” using your unique gifts, talents, experience, and knowledge to bring positive changes to the world, contribute toward human evolution, and co-create a New Paradise on Earth.