Research & Development



Economic and Humanitarian Benefits of Spiritual Integration in the Commercial World

Economic development and humanitarian development go hand in hand.  Since late 1990’s, experiments on the utilization of Infinite Energy in farms, chicken ranch, fishery, nursery, rice fields, etc. had demonstrated positive results.  Below is a summary of the positive effects in agricultural applications:

• More production in volume: fruits, rice, eggs, chicken, fish, shrimps, etc.
• More frequency of planting/seeding
• Higher density
• Better taste and longer lasting
• Reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizer

Though still at its infancy, the divine human potential of utilizing the Infinite Energy of the Universe in the commercial world is endless.  The integration of the HUEnergy™ applications into many industries would offer new approaches and solutions for communities, businesses and government. It will contribute to creating new career and job growth in many fields.  In addition, HUEnergy™ could be utilized in humanitarian projects, such as providing more food supply to reduce hunger around the world.


Scientific Applications & Research

Advanced development of the HUEnergy™ research and studies extend from humans, plants, agriculture, and animals, etc. to Earth environment, such as water and forestry.  In the past, experiments conducted by energy practitioners have demonstrated good results in increasing the yield of rice fields, fruit trees, animals, farming, fisheries, etc.  The HUEnergy™ method can be applied in many aspects of daily life to improve spiritual and physical conditions, and Earth’s environment.

Yet, further research and collaboration are still needed to fully integrate, implement, and utilize the unlimited potentials of the Infinite Energy of the Universe for the betterment of humanity and planet Earth.  Research grants and funding, as well as talents and technical expertise in different areas are needed for collaboration to foster the integration and application of Infinite Energy into all aspects of life.


For interests in HUEnergy™ model and method for economic development or collaboration in humanitarian projects, please send you inquiry at the contact page.